I believe in creating images that remind you of the best moments in life. 

My Vision

Growing up in a small town in Malaysia, cameras were rare and not easily accessible. The first time I held a camera was when I borrowed one from my sister - a small point and shoot camera, and it was love at first sight. I carried it everywhere, capturing life through the lens and deleting photos to free up memory.

The first photos I remember were of my family, of them smiling as I froze those emotions in time, with the ability to look back at them years after. It was very powerful to realize how magical photos are, and how they bring us back to our cherished memories.

In 2020, I moved to Canada, a place that is my new home and has given me new opportunities. Being away from my hometown and family, whenever I feel nostalgic, I go back to my photos, reminiscing the lovely moments with my family like it was just yesterday. I want to connect you back with your beautiful memories with my photos, just like they do for me.

Rui means lucky and auspicious in chinese.

About RUI

I know how priceless this investment is and treat it as such! In addition to your fine art images, you'll enjoy a high-touch, customized service at every step of the way.


I love getting to know you as a couple and sharing in your joy on the big day. I want you to be totally comfortable and 100% yourselves in front of the camera!


It's true that "less is more." When it comes to photography, I have a keen eye for the details that truly matter and letting your love speak for itself.


I Believe Your Photography Experience Should Be...

Continue to capturing weddings across Canada and exploring this country.

2024 / 

Moved to Canada for love and launched Ryosuke Rui Photography.

2020 / 

began journey as a freelance photographer. shot my first wedding ever.

2015 / 

Photography club was a big part of my undergrad in genetics. two different worlds.

2013 / 

I turned eight and borrowed my sister's point and shoot camera for the first time. Love is born. 

1998 / 


Through the


While my thumbs might not quite be green, I enjoy taking care of the 50+ plants  at home. Bonsai and Orchids definitely need that extra love.

my little garden

working in

When I'm not photographing, you'll find me


My 2 year old Jack Russel "Lucky" has enough energy to tire me down. He is a goofy furball who never let's go of a chance to play tug! My best buddy in the entire world.

my puppy

playing with

Weekends are mostly reserved for weddings and

While I set my foot in almost all Asian countries, Canada is my first western country to live in, and I intend to fully use this to explore all countries in Americas and Europe!

different cities

travelling around

Work hard... Play harder... and playing means