Dive into the enchantment of David and Tara’s September wedding at Cambium Farms’ rustic haven, where nature, music, and love converged in radiant harmony.

Whispers of Love at Cambium Farms


In the embrace of Cambium Farms, a September day unfolded into a tapestry of love. David and Tara’s wedding was a symphony of nature and romance, echoing through the rustic halls of this enchanting space.

Tara’s journey down the outdoor aisle was accompanied by the soulful melody of a violinist. Stepping into The Byre revealed a world bathed in the warm glow of tungsten light bulbs. The barn became a canvas of radiance, casting a romantic spell on David and Tara’s union.

To elevate the evening, David and Tara treated their guests to the soulful tunes of a hired singer. The barn resonated with melodies that added a touch of musical elegance to the celebration. The dance floor witnessed a harmonious blend of joy as guests joined the couple in rhythmic celebration, making every moment unforgettable.

Venue: Cambium Farms
Website: https://cambiumfarms.com/

MUA: Beauty By Blair
Website: https://www.instagram.com/beautyby_blair_/

Catering: Cabral Catering
Website: https://cabralcatering.com/

Transportation: Allure Limo
Website: https://allurelimo.ca/

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