Sip, Love, Cheers! Join us on a journey through a lively celebration at Bandit Brewery, where vibrant energy and heartfelt moments merge in a brewery wedding tale.

Brewing Love at Bandit Brewery


In the heart of October’s color, I had the joy of capturing a vibrant wedding at Bandit Brewery for Nathan and Susan. Their energy and cheerfulness set the tone for a day filled with love. The ceremony, surrounded by lush plants and soft lights, was a perfect reflection of their union. As the sun dipped, we stole a few moments for sunset photos, adding a touch of magic to the already enchanting day. The brewery transformed seamlessly for the reception, where laughter and love flowed as freely as the drinks. A celebration of two souls, woven into the very fabric of a place that echoed their joy.

Venue: Bandit Brewery

Officiant: Molly Johnson

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Your love is special and worth investing in, celebrating, and documenting. And while I can’t freeze a cherished moment in time, I can help you relive it again and again through beautiful, evocative imagery that makes you smile.

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