Sip, Love, Cheers! Join us on a journey through a lively celebration at Bandit Brewery, where vibrant energy and heartfelt moments merge in a brewery wedding tale.

Brewing Love at Bandit Brewery


As a Toronto wedding photographer, each micro-wedding I capture is a unique tale of love and celebration. Nathan and Susan’s special day at Bandit Brewery in the heart of October was no exception. Their infectious energy and boundless joy made it a day to remember.

Nathan and Susan’s micro-wedding was a vibrant burst of color against the autumn backdrop. The brewery’s lush plants and soft lights created a cozy and intimate setting for their ceremony. Surrounded by close family and friends, the love between them radiated, making every moment unforgettable.

As the sun dipped below the horizon, we stole a few moments for sunset photos. The golden hues of the evening sky added a touch of magic to their already enchanting day. Capturing Nathan and Susan in the soft, warm light was a joy, and the photos became timeless keepsakes of their love.

Micro-wedding – Bandit Brewery

The transformation of Bandit Brewery for the reception was seamless. The staff rearrange the seat and change the ceremony room into a romantic reception hall. Laughter and love filled the air as guests toasted to the newlyweds. The brewery’s relaxed and cozy atmosphere perfectly complemented Nathan and Susan’s personalities, creating a celebration that felt authentic and heartfelt.

Nathan and Susan’s micro-wedding at Bandit Brewery was a beautiful reflection of their love story. As a Toronto wedding photographer, I felt privileged to capture the moments that defined their day. It was a reminder that love knows no bounds, and even in a micro-wedding setting, the joy and celebration are just as grand.

If you’re considering a micro-wedding, Nathan and Susan’s love story at Bandit Brewery serves as a beautiful example of how intimate celebrations can be just as meaningful and memorable. Explore my portfolio and blog for more inspiration, including weddings at Ayven Loft, Merrill House and other enchanting venues.

Guests mingle around before the begin of a micro-wedding at Toronto.
Venue: Bandit Brewery

Officiant: Molly Johnson

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