Captured a vibrant LGBTQ couple shoot at Union Station, Downtown Toronto. Despite the rain, their love shone bright in every photo.

LGBTQ Couple Shoot at Union Station


In early May, I had the pleasure of capturing a beautiful LGBTQ couple shoot in Downtown Toronto. This gay couple, full of love and joy, brought warmth to an otherwise rainy and cloudy day. As an LGBTQ wedding photographer, it’s always an honor to document the love stories of couples who may not always see their love reflected in mainstream wedding photography.

Initially, we had planned to wander around the city to capture the vibrant urban vibe of Toronto. However, the rain had other plans for us. Rather than let the weather dampen our spirits, we quickly decided to relocate our shoot to Union Station. The historic and bustling environment of the station provided a unique and interesting backdrop for our session.

Love in rain – Union Station

Union Station, with its grandeur and constant flow of people, turned out to be an excellent choice. The architecture of the station added a timeless elegance to the photos, while the presence of commuters added a dynamic, living element to each shot. As an LGBTQ wedding photographer, I always strive to find the beauty in every location, and Union Station didn’t disappoint.

We received a lot of attention from passersby, which added a layer of excitement to the session. Many people smiled and offered their congratulations, making the couple feel celebrated and special. The session took about three hours, as we had to be patient and wait for moments when the foot traffic would clear enough to get the perfect shot.

Despite the rain, the shoot was a resounding success. The couple’s love shone brightly through each photo, making the gray day feel much more vibrant. Their connection was palpable, and I felt privileged to capture these intimate moments. The final photos were a testament to their love and resilience, beautifully framed by the historic Union Station.

In the end, this shoot reinforced why I love being an LGBTQ wedding photographer. Every session is a reminder of the diversity and beauty of love in all its forms. If you’re planning your own LGBTQ wedding or couple shoot, consider exploring the hidden gems of Toronto. And don’t let a little rain deter you—sometimes, it leads to the most memorable and unique photos.

Looking forward to capturing more love stories, rain or shine! Check out more of my lovely engagement sessions at Downtown Toronto, including Laith and Jessica’s beautiful session and Wendy and Scott’s Exhibition place session.

LGBTQ couple enjoying rainy day.
Hair + MUA: Elizabeth Harden (IG: myg.canada)

Luccas (IG: luccas)
Mika (IG: mikablegh)

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