Step into the enchanting world of love and creativity at Sunrise Hill with Ben and Sais. A magical journey awaits!

Chasing After Sunset at Sunrise Hill


As a natural wedding photographer, every session is an opportunity to tell a unique story. Taking advantage of the tranquil Winter season, I found myself orchestrating a style shoot to immerse myself in a creative flow. This allows me to collaborate with local talents to craft captivating visual stories. I recently the pleasure of style shooting the charming Ben and Sais at Sunrise Hill in Scarborough, Ontario. Here’s a glimpse into our magical day together.

The early spring chill in the air and the serene natural beauty greeted us, as we stepped into Sunrise Hill. The sprawling landscapes and breathtaking views provided the perfect backdrop for our couple’s shoot.

Embracing sunset – Sunrise Hill

As the sun descended over Scarborough, its soft golden light painted the scene with warmth and radiance. The natural beauty surrounding us inspired me, setting the stage for intimate moments for our couple’s shoot.

One of the joys of being a wedding photographer is capturing genuine emotions and candid interactions. The versatility of Sunrise Hill allowed us to explore various angles and perspective. From wide shots showcasing the vast landscape to close-ups highlighting the couple’s connection, every frame told a unique story.

As our session came to an end, I reflected on my privilege to be able to witness the beauty of love and to document such precious moments. If you are drawn to weddings celebrated amidst a natural and scenic backdrop, I invite you to explore a captivating wedding shot at the Botanical Garden.

Along with my gear, I packed memories of a session filled with love, laughter, hard work and natural beauty. Above all, I truly appreciate my team members – a talented make-up artist, florist, and the couple. I look forward to have more chances to work with them again in the future.

Hair + MUA: Serena (IG: serenaraemua)

Florist: Heather (IG: heirloomheather)

Ben (IG: benv_fig)
Sais (IG: sais.sprofile)

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Your love is special and worth investing in, celebrating, and documenting. And while I can’t freeze a cherished moment in time, I can help you relive it again and again through beautiful, evocative imagery that makes you smile.

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